Zoii On Her Lo Rider


Zoii Topia is a treasure gem of awesome living as a

steward of land in Canada.


Having coached hundreds of dancers for the past 20 years to award winning 🏆 and international success,

her repertoire of holding space for 

"recognizing and meeting the champion within" 

is sacred work for her soul.  


As an intuitive edge-worker, trauma informed somatic healer,

possibility manager, communication specialist,

and transformation coach,

you can find Zoii inspiring insight and

creating beauty wherever she travels.


She is a successful entrepreneur, published author,

public speaker, oracle reader, Dance As Medicine Facilitator, and a mother to 7 children!


She also specializes in poly and alternate sex lifestyles, body acceptance, and is a certified pleasure practitioner.


Her most current passion is being present for

Truth and Reconciliation processes with Indigenous folks

as a way to honour ancient wisdom and traditional practices (including Shamanic medicinals).  


Her last name is what she truly desires her clients to experience:


Transformation, Opening, Possibilities, Insight, Abundance